AT daytime, Malacañang can be a beehive of activity.

At dusk, the last employee or visitor is ushered out of its seven gates.

The Big House settles down for a quiet night.

Out of public view, there are men and women manning their posts, rifles on the ready for any incursion on intrusion that may occur.

Sometime ago, a cabinet official and aide sauntered out of their office, without escorts and went to a designated place to await two women.

After some tense moment, the first woman turned out to be the reported pork barrel scam queen Janet Lim-Napoles, accompanied by her lawyer Lorna Kapunan.

Before this James Bondish caper, an arrest warrant was issued for Napoles for allegedly funneling millions of pesos to non-existent non-governmental organizations or NGOs.

There was also a P10-billion bounty on her head.

These NGOs instead were handpicked by a number of lawmakers, violating the provisions of releasing these funds only to implementing agencies (IAs), not NGOs.

Her impending arrest and P10-B on her must have driven Napoles out of her wits.

Surrender feelers were sent to the Palace, quietly monitored by presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda who worked with Kapunan during their salad days at the prestigious ACCRA law office.

(One of the firm’s founders is Sen. Edgardo Angara.)

In short order, Janet Lim-Napoles was being introduced to the beaming President.

We can’t be sure whether there was some type of ceremony to mark the occasion.

Nevertheless, President Aquino and his officials received the fugitive at Malacañang, probably sipped coffee and cracked some cookies.

The best is yet to come.

The President, with star-studded generals in tow, escorted fugitive Napoles to the Philippine National Police in Camp Crame.

Only in the Philippines.

Has the President showed any presidential treatment by a royal welcome to the fold?

His apologists for deviating from the straight path insist that the road will right itself eventually.

Ang sagot ng mga Tagalog; “Pagputi ng uwak.”

REALITY CHECK: It was just a movie but it was so godawful real that there is never a way of sweeping it under the rug.

Films Distribution’s “Olympus Has Fallen” has a crazy paramilitary unit bringing down the White House in a sneak air attack on the House, capturing the President, and most of the official cabinet.

After several televised executions of their captives, the leader sprang his demand: Withdraw the Seventh Fleet, and clear American troops from the Demilitarized Zone.

Watch it though it may bring back the Twin Tower atrocity.

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