IS Vice President Jejomar Binay a thief?

“We will soon find out,” said Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, who introduced a Senate resolution calling for the investigation of the VP and his son, Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay, for the alleged overpricing of an 11-story parking and office building in Makati, a political bailiwick of the Binays.

Is this part of the demolition job against the Binays, whose patriarch is all-but-conceded to be the next president in 2016?

Trillanes disagrees.

He says the Senate has the duty not only to enact laws but also to make sure public officials do not engage in corrupt practices.

Well said, but never well done.

The Senate blue ribbon committee spent a lot of time and money to grill the alleged brains and whistleblowers in the pork barrel scandal.

Nothing came out of the committee’s labor.

In the end the Ombudsman rightfully took over the case, and filed plunder charges against three senators, the alleged mastermind and other defendants.

What happened to the rumored third batch of plunder indictments which include some senators and congressmen belonging to the ruling Liberal Party?

The scuttlebutt died down, but not before the senators had a field day baking in the bright glare of TV live coverage.

It won’t be any different in the coming Binay investigation by only a Senate subcommittee, not by the blue ribbon, the primary investigative arm of the Senate.

The new hearing will be more of the same.

After all, a plunder complaint has already been filed with the Ombudsman against the two Binays.

Why can’t the senators resist the TV temptation and attend to their function of lawmaking?

That’s what they are paid for anyway.

Trillanes, whose term ends in 2019, may not have an axe to grind against the Veep himself, who helped him get elected to the Senate in 2010 while he was in jail serving time for his role in a failed coup d’état.

But he does not deny coveting the vice presidency under the Nacionalista Party in 2016, perhaps as a running mate of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano.

Or better yet: A Trillanes-Cayetano ticket?

That would be pushing the envelope, but in the topsy-turvy local politics, anything can happen.

Before 2010, Benigno Aquino III was an obscure senator, but when his mother Cory Aquino (a revered late president) died, he was thrust into the presidency by a groundswell of popular support.

We endorse the Senate probe on the Binays if only to give them the chance to refute the allegation that the Makati building was overpriced at P2.4 billion.

“Bring it on,” taunted Veep’s daughter, Sen. Nancy Binay, who will inhibit herself from the hearing.

Let’s digress: Nestor Enriquez of Jersey City, N.J. reacted to our column last week, “Stay at home, U.S. tells border crossers, or else...”

He wrote, “Again thank you for your column. You put everything in perspective without going highly partisan where most critics failed.”

He added, “You focused on the issue itself but not taking your eye on the 8-ball.”

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