WILL Senate President Frank Drilon get a pass from his fellow senators who will compose the inquisition court (circa 2014) in investigating the alleged overprice of his pet project Iloilo Convention Center?

Of course, he will pass it with flying colors, perhaps even smelling like a rose.

In a tight spot, what are colleagues for?

It’s not even necessary to recuse himself from the case; the whole house will be lawyering for him.

Drilon’s case belongs to the court, the Ombudsman to be exact, not in the upper house the President built.

That’s how low the public esteem is of the once-august Senate.

Three of its members are behind bars for alleged criminal offenses.

It has not even finished its flagellation of VP Jojo Binay, to much fanfare, and now you’re going to put on the dock the capo of capos?

Why is the Koko Pimentel, Alan Cayetano and Antonio Trillanes keep on flogging a “dead horse,” as Binay wails at every turn, explaining his appearance would be a joke since he has been pre-judged all the while.

So why should Binay dare Trillanes in the first place to a debate only to back out before it can happen on national TV?

Perhaps he fears the junior senator derided by the B-camp as “all bark and no bite” may have more goods on Binay that he is letting the public on.

So let it all out.

Since he flatly denied doing any wrongdoing, let him face the music.

If he is not feeling the heat, why should he ask his president-friend to stop the investigation.

If the showboating senators have Binay in a corner, go ahead, finish the report, and release it to the public with all the drama they can muster.

Then Binay will have his day in a Senate court, so to speak.

The public is not stupid to know who’s telling the truth or not.

How many Senate full-blast investigations have gone the way of the dodo?

What happened to the fertilizer scam of Luis Lorenzo, Jocelyn Bolante & Co.?

Where are they now?

What happened to the Euro generals who were grabbed in a Moscow airport possessing hundreds of thousands of Russian ruble?



What the Senate is doing is, to use the dialect, “lumang tugtugin nayan.”

It’s all about politics.

All the major actors have presidential and vice presidential ambitions in 2016.

Anyone who stands in their way should be tarred and feathered.

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