Consul General Mario L. de Leon, Jr. poses for a photo after being recognized by fellow diplomats for his contribution and leadership when he assumed the SOFC Presidency in 2013 until 2014.

In a ceremony at the Slovakia Consulate General presided by Slovakia Consul General and current President of Society of Foreign Consuls (SOFC) Jana Trnovcova, Consul General Mario L. de Leon, Jr. was recognized for his outstanding dedication and leadership in expanding and enhancing the role of the SOFC when he assumed the Presidency from 2013 until 2014.

He was an active member in 2011 and held the position of Vice-President for the East Asia and Western Pacific for 2013-2016.

During his term as President of SOFC, de Leon emphasized a broader role for the Consular Corps that encompassed deeper economic and cultural cooperation with New York City and U.S. federal government agencies, and between and among members of Consular Corps.

In addition, the membership of the SOFC became more robust, adding more members from ASEAN and African Consulates General.

He also led official trips to the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ in the same year as part of SOFC members’ orientation and networking tour of New York City.

He expanded the camaraderie and friendship among Consular Corps members by hosting a year-end reception and other activities at the Kalayaan Hall of the Philippine Center, and continuing the annual SOFC tradition of recognizing distinguished women in the New York community in an awarding ceremony during International Women’s month.

On April 30, 2015, the SOFC became incorporated as a 501 (d) (3) organization after 90 years of being unincorporated in New York.

This process was initiated during the term of de Leon when the SOFC officially filed incorporation papers in 2014 that led to its approval the following year.

Because of this, the SOFC became a stronger institution with a clear mandate and is now able to add different activities, including social get-togethers and fundraising, for the benefit of the entire Consular Corps.

The Society is the oldest institution of its kind representing the largest Consular Corps in any world city.

For 2016-2017, the Dean of the Consular Corps in New York and Consul of Guyana, Brentnol Evans, assumed the Presidency of the SOFC.


Members of the Executive Committee of the SOFC gather for a photo session. In photo is Consul General Mario L. de Leon, Jr. (2nd from right).

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