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Washington Z. SyCip, a well-loved icon of accounting profession in the Philippines, died aboard an airplane from Manila enroute to New York via Vancouver on Oct. 7, 2017.

He was accompanied by a son.

SyCip was a Filipino-American accountant but spent most of his life in the Philippines.

He was the founder of the Asian Institute of Management and the accounting firm SGV & Company.

He was 96.

According to Bert Aguilera and Rene Enriquez of New Jersey, both SGV alumni, Mr. SyCip was supposed to be honored as guest speaker in an SGV event in New York set on Oct. 13.

Consul General Theresa Dizon-De Vega of the Philippine Consulate in New York released the following statement upon learning of Mr. SyCip’s death:

“While Mr. Sycip will always be remembered for being a pioneer in business and financial services, he was likewise a mentor to many and provided invaluable insights, advice and wisdom to young generations of Filipinos.”

Ambassador Mario Lopez De Leon, Jr., Philippine Consul General in New York from 2011-2016, contacted the Filipino Reporter to share his fond memories of Mr. SyCip who, according to the former ConGen, was “very attached to New York” as he celebrated his birthday each year in the Big Apple with relatives, friends and associates.

Mr. SyCip, according to Ambassador De Leon, was actively involved in Philippine-oriented groups in the U.S. like the First Young Leaders Program (FYLPro), the US-Philippine Society, and Ang Misyon.

“He was a mentor, an astute business person, an educator, a philanthropist, an advocate of Philippine culture and arts, among others. But for me, he was a selfless patriot who incessantly raised the profile of the Philippines and Filipinos in all his endeavors and built bridges for Filipinos to reach out to other peoples through the institutions and programs he founded, supported and sustained in his lifetime. Wash is a true champion of the Philippines and Filipinos in the real sense of the word. To say that he shall be sorely missed is an understatement,” said Ambassador De Leon of Mr. SyCip.

From her post in Berlin, Germany, Philippine Ambassador Millie Sta. Maria-Thomeczek described Mr. SyCip as: “...a most admired and respected man of his time.”

Retired PH Ambassador Ruperto Dizon (Jordan), “To us CPA’s, Wash Sycip is synonymous to the best in accounting and management services.”

Washington SyCip was author of the following: Asian Perspectives on Business and Management, Economic Success, and Governance: East Asia, Oceania, the Philippines, and SGV.

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