You’ll often hear people quote the phrase, "you can’t mix business with pleasure."

Sanuk founder, Jeff Kelley, and long time brand ambassador, internationally acclaimed musician / professional surfer, Donavon Frankenreiter, did just that.

Both super successful, Jeff and Donavon (as they insisted they be called), each managed to combine their passion for the water with their strong business acumen to become two of the most well respected figures in their respective industries.

Excelling from being a surfer and a musician, Donavon was signed to a sponsorship deal with international swimwear brand Billabong, which allowed him to travel the world surfing.

It was when he was surfing in Hawaii where he met now longtime friend, Jack Johnson, who in 2002, signed Donavon to his record label.

Since the debut of his self-titled album in 2004, Donavon Frankenreiter has enjoyed an extremely prolific musical career recording another six albums with his eighth one expected to release at the end of 2011.

While Jeff Kelley built his empire by combining his passion for surfing with his innate curiosity to invent.

Realizing one day how much more effective it is walking barefoot as opposed to in cushioned sneakers, Jeff combined a deconstructed shoe upper with a sandal footbed.

The new product, which he named the Sidewalk Surfer, signified the launch of Sanuk and till this day, is still the brands most iconic shoe.

Donavon and Jeff recently took the time out of their busy schedules to travel to the Philippines to promote the brand through a series of mini-concerts and fun outdoor events.

Future plans look bright for Sanuk in the Philippines, which outside of the United States and Canada, is the biggest market for the brand.

"There’s still huge growth for Sanuk," explains Jeff.

"At the moment, people like our product but once everyone realizes how much better Sanuks are for you and how they actually strengthen your feet, that’s when it’ll just click."

Sanuk is exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies since 2007.

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