Haute cuisine in the heart of Makati

Savoie is a province in France that is home to at least 800 vineyards, and hosts some 200 different kinds of cheeses apart from the many culinary delights available around it.

But you don’t need to travel to France or any other part of Europe for a taste of a true French or European haute cuisine.

You only need to drop by Savoy Bistro along Kalayaan Avenue near Rockwell in Makati City for that authentic European meal.

Savoy Bistro offers a wide range of menu from Russia, Sweden, Poland, Prussia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.

Having derived its name from Sardinia, which is now known as Savoi and is bounded by Switzerland in the north, Monaco in the South and Italy in the east, it is located at the heart of Europe which explains the fusion of the different tastes and culture.

Where else can you find succulent and tasty salmon that is marinated in apple brandy and gravlax sauce (Gravlax Salmon Roe) or tender lambshank (Cabarnet Braised Lambshank) that is served on a bed of tasty rice and vegetables, or bittersweet chocolate mousse that is balanced with the tangy taste of passion fruits (Chocolate Mousse and Passion Fruit Meringue).

Their signature dishes include the Sole Walewska which is prawns in Béarnaise Sauce, the Veal Oscar which is a breaded veal cutlets served with crab and asparagus and a cheddar cheese sauce, the Mussels in Wine & Cream which is served with a crusty bread on the side and could be served in a white wine and cream base or with tomato and basil, and the Tournedos Rossini which is a tenderloin steak served with duck foie grass or duck liver in truffle sauce.

The basic recipes in Savoy Bistro are 200 years old and revolve around the food from the "Haute Cuisine" movement period of 1780- 1910.

The first dated recipe that they serve in Savoy is even from 1735, which is the "Delmonico Steak" which is actually a 17 ounce US Angus Delmoncio Rib-eye steak.

Owned by Jonathan Torph, Savoy Bistro which sits in the middle of the East Asian Gallery and incorporated both local and foreign works of arts throughout the restaurant — which are also for sale — opened its doors to the public on Sept. 16, and serves food specifically created by Swedish-born Chef Robert Lija who has worked for several decades in a number of restaurants, hotels and resorts in Cebu including the Marriott and the Gustavian franchise.

Apart from their regular menu, the Savoy Bistro also offers "super value for money" packages from a three-course "Lunch Prix Fixe" that costs around P550 per plate to an eight-course menu worth P900 per head that include among others "comfort foods" like Wiener Schnitzel, Lemon Sole Lyonaise, Salisbury Steak with Caramelized Onions, and Duck Cassoulet.

Savoy Bistro also has a wide range of wine selection that only charge as much as P400 per bottle of wine.

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