Anthony Bourdain went to the Philippines for his travel channel show (“Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” — aired last weekend), in fact concentrated in Pampanga not posh restaurants or hotels to showcase our ethnicity when it comes to food.

But this show is on CNN because he not only travels to showcase different nations cuisines but showing the world and how people live in other countries.

Funny is with his shows in Japan, Korea, Singapore — I never once saw a distressed area.

But in Manila, CNN highlighted our overseas Filipino workers and their sacrifices.

We look kawawa but imagine Filipinos in the United States are one of the highest taxpayers because we have the education to land better jobs, excelled in medical and Information Technology (IT), also the best caregivers.

Go figure.

The Philippine economy to me is stimulated not within but because of remittances of dollar into the country.

Las Vegas, Nevada

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