In the recording studio in Washington, D.C. with Emmy award director Nick Nanton, Esq. (left) interviewing Dr. Mariliza LaCap and Dr. Darren Tong on the release of her new book “Inside Job! The World’s Leading Dental Experts Reveal The Secrets to Total Body Health from the Inside Out!”


Calvary Hospital recently recognized Giselle Vencer, RN with the DAISY Award for 1Q 2012. On hand at the award ceremony are (from left) Michael Troncone, Director of Human Resources; Rekha Mehta, M.D.; Marlene Humphreys, RN, BSN, MS, CHPN, Director of Staff Development; Marilyn Crockett, RN, Patient Service Manager; Giselle Vencer, RN, DAISY Award honoree; Alma Carrington, M.D.; and Sally Umbro, RN, Vice President, Patient Care Services.


Parents must encourage children while they’re still young to stay active and fit to help them avoid “adult” illnesses when they grow up.


MANILA — The Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) is developing food for people with low immune systems, including those afflicted with cancer, leukemia and AIDS through irradiation.

Mothers breastfeed their newly-born babies inside a nursery room of the Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital, a government hospital, in Manila on June 25.

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