Many Filipino orphans benefit from digital medical mission conducted by U.S.-based doctors.

ORANGE COUNTY, Ca. — Inside the office of his family medical practice in Orange, Calif., Dr. Bryn Henderson clears a portion of his busy schedule on Fridays to make some children smile on the other side of the Pacific.

He logs on to a video chat service and briefly transitions from treating Orange County patients with the flu to diagnosing cases of dengue fever among 70 orphans who call a cemetery their home in Cebu City, Philippines.

Lourdes Garcia, a nurse in Glendale, Calif., joins in on the digital medical mission tenderly noting names of each child while they stand before a webcam set up by an assisting nurse on location in the Philippines.

Carefully studying the screen, Dr. Henderson confirms the illness and advises the on-site nurse with the child to provide the appropriate medication or sanitation practice.

Over the course of an hour, Dr. Henderson and Garcia along with the nurse in Cebu City examine and treat several children.

Thanks to a video conferencing system that Dr. Henderson and his team have designed under the umbrella of the TeleHealth Medical Group, “A Clinic without Walls” has been established to help these children, who suffer from a range of maladies due to malnutrition, mosquitoes, parasites and foul water.

Besides providing vital medical care in real time, the TeleHealth Medical Group also raises funds, which are used to purchase medical supplies (antibiotics, vaccines, toiletries and other basic medicines) designated specifically for the orphans.

During the video conferencing session, which runs on ooVoo, Dr. Henderson and Garcia often refer to the World Health Organization’s website to gain insight on improving the orphan’s nutrition, water supply and sanitation, which are as critical as the receiving the personalized medical consultation.

Pastor Ernie Miego and his wife Lyn, who operate Life of Light Ministry in Cebu City, are grateful to see the orphans they teach and feed receive expert medical care on a weekly basis.

In most cases, the remedies are simple, yet mean life or death for these children whose ages range from toddlers to teenagers.

The TeleHealth Medical Group offers an innovative solution (teleconsulting) to delivering a higher quality of care via existing technologies.

Patients have access to a team of forward-thinking doctors, specialists, pharmacists and nurses by using a secure video conferencing service or by visiting neighborhood medical offices located in the cities of Orange, Upland and Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.

The TeleHealth Medical Group offers general medicine with programs for pain, sleep, medication management, memory care, pharmacy services, breathing, balance and weight loss, as well as specialized expertise in hospital discharge orders and follow-up.

For additional information, please call 1-855-424-3577 or visit TeleHealth Medical Group on Facebook at

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