Dear Editor:

I agree with your editorial that the Philippine Independence Day Council, Inc. should be more transparent in its financial activities.

For that matter, all organizations in our community, not just the PIDCI, and especially those that claim to have tax exempt status should make a full accounting of their income and expenses.

I hope your newspaper will offer to publish as a public service their financial statements.

If this is not possible then they can create their website and upload their financial reports.

As to your criticism that all is not well with the PIDCI, I beg to disagree.

Have we not had a grand celebration and parade attended by close to or over a hundred thousand in the last several years?

And is it not that the gathering has been the most watched via television or other media among Filipinos not only in the tri-state area but all over the world?

As to your claim about the violations of their bylaws I cannot comment because I don’t attend their meetings or elections but from newspaper reports it seems that all was well with their elections and nobody else but your newspaper has alluded to any problem.

I suggest that you be more specific and get statements from those who attended.

This is with the end in view of improving their organizational structure and policies.

I have a question though for the PIDCI leaders.

Why is it that they choose their grand marshal on the basis of how much funds the grand marshal contribute or raise?

In fact, I heard over the grapevine that a past grand marshal in order to be chosen had to promise to raise at least $80,000 and half of that came from her pocket.

The grand marshal is supposed to be chosen solely on the basis of her accomplishments and service to the community.

She is supposed to represent the best of the community.


I have an experience with another ethnic community because my husband is a Puerto Rican and their parade organizers have chosen their grand marshal on the basis of what he has done for the Puerto Rican community, not on how much he could contribute.

The same is true with other ethnic groups and even other mainstream groups.


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