JCI North Jersey with their plaques and with 95th United States Junior Chamber President Jennifer Ray. From left, Ria Serrano, Remi Reagan Velasco, Jennifer Ray, Don Balanzat and Shine Wann.

On May 15-17, 2015, members of a fast growing chapter of young professionals, JCI North Jersey, attended the combined Maryland Jaycees First Trimester Convention for 2015 and Eastern Institute Annual Convention in Waldorf, Maryland and joined other Jaycee members, ambassadors and senators from Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Leadership trainings and awards dinner were held at the Waldorf Jaycee Center.

The trainings included Effective Leadership and 7 Steps to a Healthy Chapter by the 95th United States Junior Chamber President Jennifer Ray and a Civic Leadership Certification by the 90th National President Jeff Lank.

In reflection about the Heros theme, Jaycee members who participated at the Field of Dreams, a completely wheelchair accessible baseball field, complete with ramps and rubberized field, wore their superhero shirts or costumes like Clark Kent, Wonder Woman and Captain America which was a great surprise for the special kids that attended.

JCI North Jersey members brought home special recognition to the chapter as each attending member brought home an award.

Individual Development VP Shine Wann received the First Timer’s Award, Remi Reagan won the second place award for Write Up, Don Balanzat the first place for Speak Up and Chapter President Ria Serrano, the first place award for Write Up.

Learn more about them through their website at www.jcinorthjersey.org.


The Jaycees of North Jaycees with Emily of Salisbury Maryland Jaycees who wore the Wonder Woman costume before going to the Field of Dreams. From left, Shine Wann, Don Balanzat, Emily Nock, Remi Reagan Velasco and Ria Serrano.