From left, Carolyn Joyce Pena, Sen. Gary Abasolo, Pres. Stevenson Van Derodar, State Pres. Erika Echavarria, Alex Drogeanu, Mary Reggie Torrejon and Jaime Torrejon.

JCI Philippine-New York (Jaycees), an affiliate of the global young leaders’ active citizenship organization, received the Outstanding Chapter Award in New York State at the 1st Session Convention held last June in Albany, N.Y.

JCI Philippine-New York was awarded for its balanced programming and numerous projects implemented during the 1st Quarter under its chapter banner theme, “The Heart of Impact.”

The chapter delivered numerous projects covering January-April 2016 in fulfillment to its developmental areas from Leading Life in 2016, Annual Induction Ceremony, Predictions, Coffee and the Year of the Red Monkey Real Estate 101, NYC on a Budget, Project Management Guide and Chairpersons Convention, Corporate Photo shoot, Community Impact Survey, Website Launch and many others.

The chapter takes pride of its collaborative initiatives in many of its projects furthering its mission in providing quality projects.

1st SESSION RECOGNITIONS included: Outstanding Chapter of the Session, JCI Philippine-New York; Outstanding Local Project in Individual Area: Project Management Guide and Chairpersons’ Convention; Outstanding Local Project in Membership Area, Predictions, Coffee and the Year of the Red Monkey; Outstanding Local Project in International Area, New York City on a Budget;  Outstanding Local Website or Newsletter, www.philnyjaycees.org; Outstanding Very Important Partner, JCI Mem Andrew Luis; Outstanding Chapter Staff Officer, JCI Mem/2016 Treas Leilanee Olano; Outstanding Chapter VP in Individual Area (ID); JCI Mem/2016 IDVP Carlos Miguel Cabrera; Outstanding Chapter VP in Community Area (CD), JCI Mem/2016 CDVP Alex Drogeanu; Outstanding Chapter VP in International Affairs (IA), JCI Mem/2016 IAVP Gov. Mary Reggie Torrejon.

State Awards: Outstanding State Vice President, JCI Mem/2016 IPP/COB Margaret Quimosing, NYS Presidential Merit, JCI Mem/2016 Gov. Brandon Schumacher.

On behalf of the chapter, President Stevenson Van Derodar expressed heartfelt thanks to all members, Past Presidents, Lifetimers and to all of our community partners, collaborators & project partners for all the continuing support accorded to JCI Philippine-New York.

Upcoming projects are underway, including: A Heart for the Homeless, Karaoke for Nothing But Nets (Malaria Campaign), The Search for Outstanding Young New Yorker, Icons of Impact and many others.

On July 26-27, JCI Philippine-New York and JCI Japan will hold “JCI Youth Cross-Cultural Event with JCI Japan Children,” for children ages 10 to 15 to attend its two-day fun events with interactions, games and fun, an opportunity to exchange and share different values and cultures between JCI Philippine-New York and JCI Japan kids.


New York City on a Budget - Awarded as Outstanding Project in the International Affairs area.

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