2017 JCI New York State President Krista Shafer (Liverpool).

At its 2nd Session and Election Convention held in Binghamton, N.Y., JCI New York State elected the following members to be part of the organization’s State Executive Committee who will serve in 2017: State President, Krista Shafer (Liverpool); State Executive Vice President, Margaret Quimosing (Philippine-New York); State Vice President, Stevenson Van Derodar (Philippine-New York); and State Treasurer, Alex Drogeanu (Philippine-New York).

Erika Echavarria, 2016 State President, (Hispanic Jaycees) will serve as the Chairman of the Board.

During the weekend convention, JCI Philippine-New York proudly took home 17 distinguished 2nd Session recognitions which included: Outstanding Chapter of the Session, JCI Philippine-New York; Outstanding Local Project in Membership Services (MS), Annual Outing: A New Wave of Impact (Chaired by JCI Mem Lyka Mochizuki; Supervised by JCI Mem/2016 MSVP Aprille Aquino); Outstanding Local Project in International Affairs (IA), Paint with A Purpose: World Peace Paint Night (Chaired by JCI Mem/2016 MSVP Aprille Aquino; Supervised by JCI Mem/NYSJC Gov/2016 IAVP Mary Reggie Torrejon); Outstanding Local Project in Community Development (CD), Karaoke for Nets (Chaired by JCI Mem/2016 Chapter State Director Carolyn Joyce Peña; Supervised by JCI Mem/2016 CDVP Alex Drogeanu);

Outstanding Local Project in Individual Development (ID), Motivational Talk: Re-Program Your Mind with Success and Significance (Chaired by JCI Mem Carl Rama; Supervised by JCI Mem/2016 IDVP Carlos Cabrera & JCI Mem/2016 MSVP Aprille Aquino); Outstanding Local Website or Newsletter, (Webmaster: JCI Mem/PP Zultan Bermudez; Supervised by JCI Mem/2016 Executive VP Romainne Luis); Outstanding New Local Jaycee, JCI Mem Carl Rama; Outstanding Local Jaycee, JCI Mem Malik Khali; Outstanding Very Important Partner, JCI Mem Jaime Torrejon (JCI Mem/NYSJC Gov/2016 IAVP Mary Reggie Torrejon; Outstanding Chapter Staff Officer, JCI Mem/2016 Treas Leilanee Olaño;

Outstanding Chapter VP in Membership Services, JCI Mem/2016 MSVP Aprille Aquino; Outstanding Chapter VP in International Affairs, JCI Mem/NYSJC Gov/2016 IAVP Mary Reggie Torrejon; Outstanding Chapter VP in Community Development, JCI Mem/2016 CDVP Alex Drogeanu; Outstanding Chapter VP in Individual Development, JCI Mem/2016 IDVP Carlos Miguel Cabrera; Outstanding Chapter VP in Management  Development, JCI Mem/2016 EVP Romainne Luis; and Outstanding Chapter President, JCI Mem/2016 Local President Stevenson Van Derodar.


2016 JCI New York State President Erika Echavarria (Hispanic Jaycees).

In addition, JCI Mem/2016 Local Immediate Past President Margaret Quimosing was recognized as Outstanding State Vice President.

Local President Stevenson, in an e-mail message to its members, expressed, “It is with heartfelt thanks that we extend to all members, Past Presidents, Lifetimers and to all of our community partners, collaborators & project partners for all the continuing support accorded to our chapter.”

JCI Philippine-New York brims with much more excitement as it finishes its year while trying to accomplish its banner projects.

Some upcoming projects include: “Icons of Impact,” “A Heart for the Homeless” and “The Search for Outstanding Young New Yorker.”

Also, in its calendar are projects that MANY OF ITS MEMBERS LOOK FORWARD TO EVERY YEAR SUCH AS Mile 17 Volunteer at the TCS Marathon, Simbang Gabi sa Konsulado, Halloween and many more.

About JCI

JCI Philippine-New York is a group of young men and women whose mission is to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change in the local and global community and their own lives through training and networking opportunities.

Although “Philippine” is part of our chapter name, we are not solely a group of Filipinos.

Rather, we are an international chapter where everyone is welcome to join.

JCI is a membership-based non-profit organization of nearly 200,000 young active citizens ages 18 to 40 with around 5,000 JCI local organizations in more than 100 countries who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their local communities.

Founded by Henry Geissenbier in 1915, St. Louis, Missouri.


JCI Philippine-New York bags Second Trimester’s Best Chapter in New York State.

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