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(To a dear friend who died suddenly)

Special to the Filipino Reporter

Today, the speeding moon blocked the sun’s ray
From Depoe to Charleston Bay
At Totality, we saw the Corona plus some stars
Its purple rim studded with jagged fires

Light, Black, Light

Across the shadow’s breadth evening ways held sway
In the forests, even busy ants paused, they say
Time, heedless of the dark continued to fly
We continued to sigh
To laugh, to cry.

Contrast, his unannounced shadow
Permitting only rushed candles to glow

Absence, Presence, Absence

Too brief to relieve ignored hurt
No time for instinct or art
He left with a questioning, now powdered brain
His predictable heart no longer under strain
I bade you, enjoy those heavenly peaches
I hasten, don’t stop, go on with your searches.

Fort Lee, N.J.
August 21, 2017



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