Ana Julaton delivers her speech at The Edison Ballroom in New York on Oct. 30, 2018.  (Photo courtesy of Grace Labaguis)

Exclusive to the Filipino Reporter

On the eve of Halloween, Filipina-American Ana Julaton lit up New York City.

The three-time world boxing champion and international MMA star was honored by The Shadow League (TSL), a premier online destination for sports coverage.

According to their bio, TSL is a six-year-old digital sports media platform that focuses on the intersection of sports, race and culture, engaging audiences through their coverage of the implications that cultural influences have in all arenas of sports, as well as popular culture.

The 5th Annual Shadow League Awards, which was presented by AT&T Humanity of Connection, was held at The Edison Ballroom in the heart of Times Square on 47th Street in New York.

Nicknamed “The Hurricane,” the San Francisco native Julaton was among three other honorees — Dawn Staley (South Carolina Gamecocks head coach), Gus Johnson (Fox sports broadcaster) and Bernard Hopkins (former professional boxer).

Before the awards dinner Julaton posed in front of the step and repeat backdrop and answered queries with members of the Filipino American Press Club of New York (FAPCNY).


HONOREES: From left, Gus Johnson, Bernard Hopkins and Ana Julaton.  (Filipino Reporter photo)

GMA Network and Grace Labaguis, GMA International Consultant, facilitated the Fil-Am journalists throughout the evening.

Impeccably dressed in a black and purple business attire, Julaton, 38, spoke first at the podium.

She delved into her fighting career acknowledging her family, trainers and friends for guiding her into becoming a champion.

Amongst her role models is the legendary Bruce Lee.

“Bruce Lee is an absolute idol. I learned a lot by watching classic Bruce Lee films. It truly inspired me to have a career in combat sports,” said Julaton.

Addressing the crowd, she said, “There is a need to raise awareness on the exlusion of women boxers to compete in the Olympics.”

Apparently, the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China continued to exclude women boxers, a ban that had existed for over 100 years.


Her credentials include garnering the International Boxing Association’s world boxing championship title.

She was the first and only Filipina to capture the highest level in boxing history.

She also won a second world title — the first-ever World Boxing Organization female champion in North America.

She received her third world title with renowned coach Freddie Roach and her other coach Angelo Reyes.

Four years ago, Julaton took up MMA.

She became the first-ever “Two Sport Athlete to compete at the highest levels of boxing and MMA” in combat sports history, opening doors for all fighters.

On March 21, 2018, she retired from both boxing, under Orion Sports Management; and MMA, under Bellator MMA.


Ana Julaton (center) with Ron and Grace Labaguis.

Sky’s the limit for Julaton.

Is being a trainer on the horizon?

How about a promoter?

She isn’t sure of both vocations for now.

Nevertheless, being an awards honoree and gracing a New York City stage amongst her peers is another notch on her belt.


At the red carpet.  (Filipino Reporter photo)


Members of the Filipino American Press Club of New York (FAPCNY) with Ana Julaton. From left, Grace Labaguis, Lambert Parong, Don Tagala, Marivir Montebon (President), Richie Rillera, Ms. Julaton, Lindy Rosales, YetBo LoveRita and L.P. Pelayo.  (Photo by Troi Santos)

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