Luisa M. Verzosa (pictured above) of Pangasinan and California passed away on Dec. 1, 2018.

She was 90.

The deceased is the mother of longtime Fil-Am community leader Paul M. Verzosa.

Luisa was born on Feb. 27, 1928 in Tacloban City, Philippines to Vicente Macasieb of Lingayen, Pangasinan; and Catalina Francisco of Zamboanga City.

She grew up in Lingayen.

As she was accelerated to higher grades, she was 13 and was in third year high school at the outbreak of World War II in 1941.

Since the schools closed, she helped in the family business while taking piano lessons.

In January 1945, the American forces, in the final push to defeat the Japanese, bombarded Lingayen before landing.

The American medics set up makeshift hospitals to take care of the wounded civilians.

Luisa was one of the first volunteer paramedics.

She was assigned to a ward where Mariano Cruz Verzosa, a volunteer registered nurse, a graduate from the University of the Philippines, Philippine General Hospital (PGH) School of Nursing, 23, fell in love with Luisa as they met serving the wounded and the dying.

Later that year, Luisa pursued her education and enrolled at St. Theresa’s College in Manila to complete high school.

She took formal graded piano lessons.

Mariano continued to pursue her.

The following year, 1946, Luisa enrolled at the University of the Philippines, Conservatory of Music, major in piano.

She also cross-enrolled at Philippine Normal College.

Mariano persistently continued to pursue her.

Mariano, then, was working as a operating room nurse at PGH.

He was also one of the nursing instructors.

In the evenings, he went to law school.

In 1950, Luisa was appointed classroom teacher at Legarda Elementary School.

Mariano, in the meantime, graduated from law school and passed the bar the following year, setting their careers in motion.

On March 25, 1951, Sunday, feast of the Annunciation, Mariano, 29, and Luisa, 23, exchanged marriage vows at Remedios Catholic Church in Malate, Manila.

In the same year, 1951, Luisa and Mariano bought a house in Quezon City where they planned to raise their family.

Luisa and Mariano have 10 children, 29 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren:

1. Titus (wife Marla, children Christine [husband Rusty, son Ryu], Kathy [husband James], Trisha, Dustin and Kayla).

2. Mary Ann (husband Eric, deceased, children Aimee [children Gaby and Robin], Lech [wife Sunshine, children Samantha and Claire], Vanessa [husband Garrett, daughter Artemis], Erica and Yvette).

3. Leo, deceased (wife Lumen, children Sheela [husband Roland], Rizha [husband Harold, daughter Kristen]).

4. Paul (wife Christine, children Jann-Paolo and Justin).

5. Mariano, Jr. (wife Sandra, children Ma. Andrea [children Yanna, Ally and Bobi]. Angela, Luis and Ma. Cresencia).

6. Ma. Luisa (husband Moke, children Joseph and Rachel).

7. Emmanuel.

8. Ma. Victoria (husband Gerric, children J. Michael [wife Alexa], Carla [husband Edrain, daughter Kendra], Jay [wife Carmina, son Tyler], Jessica, Clarissa, Jasmine, Carmina and Cassandra).

9. Patrick, deceased.

10. John (wife Grace).

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