The sand really is powder-like, the water really is clear, and the people are really nice.

When you have time to look at the stars, you know you’re in a good place.

While gazing at the stars, my friend uttered, “I realize I’ve never really lived until I got here.”

Suddenly, all the deadlines were not so fatal and the urgent tasks were not of grave importance.

Boracay reminds you about what truly counts in the grand scheme of things, which you wish to remember when you do leave the island.

For in Boracay, time is in your hands, and you definitely choose to spend it on the things, or with the one, that matters most.

While lounging on a duyan or laying on the sand, one can’t help but be a thinker or a lover.

Or simply be a human being and not a human doer.

Sometimes, I feel like the best slogan is actually not “Just Do It.”

But the lesser known “Just Be.”

It’s not from Nike, the ad, but from Hector, my dad.

The current framework of society sells us the concepts of the convenience culture, the multi-tasking culture, the granola bar culture or the gym-going culture, and the saddest part is most of us bought into into.

We bought into the culture dictated by businessmen who invent the next best thing for a thinner, faster and “happier” you.

Boracay will put into question why we are all so into doing things, checking lists and hurrying off; and instead remind us to evaluate what we spend efforts on and whom we spend our time with.

Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa gives us just the space and serenity to do just that.

No effort, no drama, just all quality and hospitality.

When your eyes gaze the sunset and your face feels the cool breeze, you know you’re a in a good place.

When people really just want to go out of their way to give you what you need or want, you definitely get more than what you pay for: an experience you’ll never forget.

It is a great place to get married, throw a party or just be.

And it may just affect you: your mind, your heart, and your soul for the rest of your life.

I always said that in New York, in order to be amazed, all you have to do is look up.

I was referring to the skyscrapers.

But in Boracay, you see beyond the man-made structure.

You finally see (read: pay attention) to God’s creations.

And at that moment, we actually see a shooting star.

Two shooting stars.

What miracles.

Our wishes have just been granted.

(Carissa Villacorta is the author of “Surreality.”)

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