MANILA — Bob Arum thinks that the only way the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather fight would ever happen is if Don King gets involved with it.

“There’s never been a better salesman in boxing than Don King,” Arum said during the national conference for the March 12 fight between World Boxing Association (WBA) junior middleweight champion Miguel Cotto and his challenger, Ricardo Mayorga.

Arum, who promotes Cotto, and King who promotes Mayorga, worked hand in hand making the Thrilla in Manila many, many years ago.

And this is the first time they’ve worked on a fight for quite some time as well.

Making the superfight between Pacquiao and Mayweather, after two failed negotiations or non-negotiations, is in their minds right now.

Arum thinks that Mayweather could be better off with King.

“If Don had Mayweather and I have Pacquiao, I didn’t say the fight would be made in a day. I said the fight would be made within one hour,” Arum told Chris Robinson of The Examiner.

“Don and I would have cut to the essentials. We would have worked out the few details and we make the fight. Mayweather would do well to go with Don. It would be one of the greatest promotions ever,” he added.

Arum told the national conference that past negotiations with Golden Boy, which makes representations for Mayweather, did go nowhere.

“Now, with the experience that I had with the company that Mayweather had been dealing with, the essentials were the last item. There was all of this nonsense that made for a lot of acrimony,” Lem Satterfield of also wrote.

“Mayweather would do well to go with Don, and I would work with him. It would be one of the great, great promotions ever, if not, the greatest,” Arum added.

Arum and King have been seen together these days more often than they were seen together the past decades.

Now all seems well between them.

And it’s up to Mayweather if he’d like to hook up with King, and make sure the superfight, which could earn both fighters $40 million, takes place.

Arum said King holds the key.

“I worked my tail off as a promoter because I had such a measuring stick, a bar to reach. I think Don made me a lot better a promoter than I would have been and I think I made Don a better promoter than he would have been,” he said.