Rapper 50 Cent and friend of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. has stated his opinion on the alleged steroid use of Manny Pacquiao and it has created a stir in boxing and in the world of entertainment, and it opens up an old wound.

What would lead to a lawsuit and the collapse of the biggest fight in years, Mayweather demanded Olympic style steroid testing, which was refused by Team Pacquiao, leading to a lot of speculation and curiosity.

ESPN’s Teddy Atlas came forward to discuss an e-mail that was reported to be from somebody on Team Pacquiao asking what would be the penalty for testing positive for a banned substance.

With the dramatic rise of Pacquiao in both weight and success, steroids have to come up because of its rampant use and the amazing run of the Filipino superstar.

It doesn’t mean that he has used or uses, but there is some doubt and 50 Cent did not mince words when he spoke his mind on the matter, stating on his Twitter account:

“If Charlie Sheen can take a test I know Manny Pacquiao’s punk ass could take a blood test.”

He continued to say: “If anybody that’s following me thinks that Steroid Pacquiao with 3 losses can beat a 41-0 American champ @FloydMayweather stop following me.”

Pacquiao has Sugar Shane Mosley on the immediate horizon and Mayweather in the wings, but will this new accusations snowball into another collapsed super fight?

50 Cent may have started something that could lead to the loss of a great fight.