DEREK JETER


If Bill Madden's report on Derek Jeter's initial salary demand is right, I like to think that ol' No. 2 was wearing this look on his face when it was delivered.

A request for a six-year deal that would be worth a total of $150 million and end when he's 42 years old?

Well, we've all started a negotiation with a comical request that we knew we had no shot at getting met.

(Indeed, my father likes to say that if you don't get asked to leave at least one dealership when shopping for a new car, you're doing it wrong.)

But once we get over the humor of Jeter and agent Casey Close reportedly asking the New York Yankees for what would be the worst contract in baseball, those who follow the boys in the Bronx face a sobering reality.

Though the report in the New York Daily News states that Jeter may have come down a bit from that initial offer, Madden believes the two sides are still $80 million apart. The Yankees' last offer was pegged at three years, $45 million so we're probably looking at Jeter now wanting five years for $125 million. (Jeter is stuck on the per-year rate of $25 million per year, Madden says.)

On a day where many Americans are fighting and brawling over cheap flat screen TVs they don't even really need, I'm not going to blame Jeter for trying to get his. The Yankees put themselves into this position when they gave Alex Rodriguez that ridiculous 10-year, $275 million contract when he opted out. That deal didn't guarantee Jeter similar money, but it at least gave him the right to balk at the first few offers from GM Brian Cashman.

That said, $80 million is way past "a few dollars amongst friends" territory and there will have to be significant movement for the happy ending that we all still expect. At this point, it looks like the Jeter camp has a lot more more ground to cede than the Yankees do.