Football superstar and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.


Sports commentators were all in a tizzy today on the news that New England Patroit Tom Brady has signed up to endorse a fashion brand. A fashion brand! Sacre bleu! Brady–who is married to supermodel Gisele–will be the new face of UGG Australia, which makes those short, soft leather winter boots beloved by college sorority girls across the U.S. Bloggers have used this announcement to wail about the continuing “Giselefication” of the quarterback and to, once again, lampoon his new long, flowing hair.

But Brady isn’t the only sports star to sport long locks on the field. Tim Lincecum, pitcher for World Series champions the San Francisco Giants, has a quite nice head of black, shoulder-length hair, which he wears sleek and straight (in contrast with Brady’s more wild main) and parts in the middle, as was the fashion in the ’90s. He even has some nice layers going on. Esteemed New York Times fashion critic gave it a thumbs up, meanwhile most commentators, if rather bemused by his hairstyle, didn’t seem to regard it as an affront to the sport and to masculinity.

And let us not forget the sportsman with the most fabulous mane of all: Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu, whose 3-foot long curls, many Pittsburghers believe, give him his Samson-like strength. Apparently, Head & Shoulders thinks so too–the brand, which Polamalu endorses, has ensured the football player’s hair for $1 million.

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