FALConn takes pride of its officers and members whose dedication and commitment to work together for a common goal is undeniable. The untiring support of the community remains a huge inspiration for FALConn to keep on going and to give meaning in everyone’s involvement in all their undertakings. At FALConn, sports, fun and love indeed connect! Visit their website at for more information.


Special to the Filipino Reporter

After two years since the Filipino Amateur League in Connecticut or FALConn was founded, it has already created a significant impact on the lives of the Filipino-Americans in the area through involvement in various sports activities designed to build strong camaraderie and provide fun-filled recreation on weekends for the whole family.

FALConn was conceptualized in September 2008 by a group of friends who started playing basketball to keep themselves in great shape.

The small group then became bigger when other friends joined in, paving the way to the creation of an informal basketball league that turned out to be the first largest Fil-Am gathering in Connecticut.

With the success of basketball, the group added bowling, volleyball, darts and chess tournaments, as well as fishing competition which became major annual projects for FALConn.

The year 2010 ushered the second round of all these tournaments.

The All Filipino Basketball League - Kabayan Winter Cup kicked off in January with 15 participating teams composed of the Junior and Senior Divisions.

Since basketball is a popular game among Filipinos, it also welcomed some Filipino-Americans in Westchester County, N.Y., who formed their own team.

Initially, they played as a guest team and later became regular players in all conferences, as well as in other events.

Their support for the organization was clearly manifested when they adopted the FALConn logo in their uniforms as a way of promoting the organization in other leagues in the New York area.

FALConn, a sports organization with a “big heart” also recognizes the need to provide assistance to all our “kababayans” both here and in the Philippines in times of natural disasters and emergencies.

In partnership with other Filipino organizations in Connecticut, FALConn contributed to the relief operations for Typhoon “Ondoy” victims in the Philippines, and also assisted the affected families and relatives of FALConn members back home.

From its CARES fund, FALConn also gave donations to the Missionaries of Charity Brothers, an institution initiated by Mother Teresa, for the care of people with disabilities and those who were abandoned by their own families.

Pete Tenorio, a board member of FALConn was instrumental in this project and personally handed out the donation to the Missionary Brothers in Novaliches, Quezon City.

In June last year, FALConn was invited to join in the parade for the 112th Philippine Independence Day celebration in New York City.

As a new organization, this recognition was a great honor.

The occasion also gave us the amazing experience to deeply  appreciate our Filipino culture and traditions, and meet other Fil-Am groups all over the East Coast.

To show their gratitude to the community for supporting all their projects, FALConn came up with a “Fun In The Sun Day” — a one day “fiesta” of food, zumba dancing, games and cultural entertainment.

More than 300 people showed up to take part in the festivities and attend the thanksgiving mass.

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