Special to the Filipino Reporter

With six remaining weeks before the regular season ends, all the teams in the FALConn’s 3rd Basketball league are doubling-up their efforts to make it to the final top eight.

Four of these eight teams will advance to the semi-finals and then to the championship in July.

Results of last week’s game made Roteks leading in both Junior and Senior divisions after beating CT Ballerz by 47-34 and  62-39 against Compadres.

Some teams moved upward while others maintained their current standings based on these scores: Parekoy (Jr.) vs. Rockland 40-55; Katipuneros (Sr.) vs. Dos Exxis 44-32; Procare (Jr.) vs. Birds 45-62; Procare (Sr.) vs. Labuyo 52-37.

Games scheduled for Saturday, April 30 are:

•Tiradors (Jr.) vs. WBFAA

•Rockland (Sr.) vs. Phil. Eagles

•Labuyo (Jr.) vs. Weschester

•Rebels (Jr.) vs. KAPWA

•Saints (Sr.) vs. Dos Exxis

•Phil. Eagles (Jr.) vs. Crusaders

The games will start at 5 p.m. at the Old Greenwich Eastern Civic Center, Connecticut.