With both Nonito Donaire and Yuriorkis Gamboa fighting for the same promotional company under Bob Arum at Top Rank, you would think a fight between Donaire and Gamboa would be one that should be fairly easy to put together.

Unfortunately, I can’t see it happening anytime soon, as Arum likes to let big fights marinate and sometimes he waits far too long for that to happen.

Look at the Juan Manuel Lopez vs. Gamboa fight that Arum wanted and still wants to put together.

Boxing fans clamored for that fight to take place, yet Arum ignored them until was too late and Lopez was trounced by Orlando Salido.

Although Arum still wants to put Gamboa and Lopez together, fan interest is a lot less than it was.

And with Lopez wanting to fight Salido early next year chances are high that Lopez will lose again and along with it the last bit of interest from fans in seeing Lopez and Gamboa fight.

The same thing I can see happening with Gamboa and Donaire.

Both are really good fighters, but you never know what may happen.

I think Donaire is vulnerable and could get beat in the future if he faces the wrong guy.

Gamboa seems pretty solid at this point, and I can’t see him getting beaten a year from now.

He’s top notch.

Arum is talking about putting Donaire and Gamboa together in 2012, but hopefully he’s learned something from the Gamboa-Lopez fight that it doesn’t pay to let fights marinate.

You got to make the fights while they’re still on top, not after one of them gets exposed and fans lose interest.

I don’t think the Lopez-Gamboa fight will ever be what it could have been, and if Lopez gets spanked again by Salido, which is what I think will happen, the opportunity for a big cash out fight between Lopez and Gamboa will be lost.

This is why Arum needs to get with it and Donaire and Gamboa together next year.

I see it as an easy fight for Gamboa.

He’ll walk through Donaire’s left hook and smack him around until he gets a stoppage.

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