MANILA — The International Boxing Federation (IBF) banned former world junior light flyweight champion Luis Lazarte for threatening American referee Eddie Claudio during his riot-marred fight with Filipino champion Johnriel Casimero in Argentina last week.

The IBF sanction came after Lazarte threatened Claudio after the referee deducted a point from him in a foul-infested bout in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, according to Philboxing.com.

In a letter to the president of the Argentine Boxing Federation Osvaldo Bisbal, IBF president Daryl Peoples said “there is one measure that we are taking into our own hands and that we will enforce. As a result of Luis Lazarte threatening the life of referee Eddie Claudio while receiving a points deduction in the sixth round, Lazarte is banned from being involved in any capacity in any IBF related fight that takes place in Argentina or around the world.”

Peoples also said: “I believe that I do not have to express to you that Lazarte’s threat to Claudio, which can be clearly heard in the telecast, is completely unacceptable, should not be taken lightly and merits punishment. Behavior of this nature by a fighter is not and will not be tolerated by the IBF.”

While stating that the IBF was “pleased with the boxing body’s increased activity in Argentina and that Argentina is a country with a strong boxing heritage and IBF aims to become an integral party of its history,” Peoples condemned what he described as “the deplorable acts of violence that transpired after the Lazarte-Casimero bout.”

Casimero stopped Lazarte in the 10th round to win the IBF light flyweight title but the newest Filipino champion and his team were attacked by the Argentinian crowd with chairs and debris thrown into the ring.

The IBF chief also made it clear that “this type of violence has no place in a boxing match, or any sporting event for that matter, as it completely goes against the grain of what competition is about. Surely you agree to that. It is important that all of us in the boxing community, because this act is not exclusive to Argentina, will utilize this experience to learn from and develop better ways to protect the perimeter around the ring and the people that are in it, while also insuring the safety of all those attending a boxing match.”

People’s also told Bisbal that he would “like to know what steps have been taken with the local police department to bring those individuals that entered the ring and assaulted Mr. Casimero and his camp to justice.”

He noted that there are “a number of individuals that can likely be identified from the video recording of the fight and who should be investigated through the proper legal channels,” Peoples added.

“I expect you will do what you can to further inform me on this matter.”

Bisbal had earlier rejected claims of violence and scoffed at any efforts by the IBF to take action against the federation.