DALLAS — This former world champion knows a good matchup when he sees one.
Saturday’s fight between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito, to him, is far from being a good one.
“I don’t see the fight going past three rounds,” said Gerry Peñalosa, the crafty Filipino fighter who just recently announced his retirement from boxing.

Peñalosa makes it a point to be at ringside each time Pacquiao, his former sparring partner and now a very close friend, fight in the United States.
Now 38 and enjoying his life outside the ring, Peñalosa said Tuesday’s public workout for the the two boxers

only made it easier for him to pick the winner.
“Wala talaga akong makita kay Margarito (I really can’t see anything in Margarito),” he told Pinoy scribes at the Longhorn Exhibit Hall of the Gaylord Texan Hotel.
“Manny is too strong for Margarito, and he’s much quicker, too. Manny is even better than Shane Mosley and look what he did to Margarito last year,” he said.
Peñalosa, the former WBC super-flyweight and WBO bantamweight champion, said Margarito is no longer as good as he used to be.He said Margarito is too slow for Pacquiao.
“I’m putting my money on rounds one, two and three. It should be over by then, as long as Manny doesn’t stand in front of Margarito and allow himself to get hit,” he said.
“Huwag lang siya tatayo sa ropes. But Manny knows what to do. He’s been in boxing for so long. He won’t be the pound-for-pound champion is he doesn’t have the brains,” Peñalosa said.
“I’ve checked all of Margarito’s fights and all of Manny’s fights. There’s really nothing to offer from Margarito. Yes, he’s taller but he doesn’t fight tall,” he noticed.
Peñalosa, the ex-champion from San Carlos City in Negros Occidental, said Margarito is tailor made for Pacquiao.
“Made to order. Parang pinagawa para kay Pacquiao,” he added.
Peñalosa reiterated that Margarito is too slow even when throwing his best punch, the uppercut.
“Mabagal talaga sumuntok. Parang nagpa-paalam na, ‘O, susuntok ako, umalis ka na diyan (He’s too slow. It’s like him telling his opponent to step aside because he’s throwing a punch),’” Peñalosa said.