Manny Pacquiao is not only the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world today, he’s also by far the most popular man in the Philippines. Like Pacman, Nonito Donaire is trying to find the same level of fame in both boxing and his home country.

Today, Pacquiao offered these kind words of wisdom to his fellow Filipino.

“Congratulations, Nonito, for your very good performance and knocking out your opponent [Wladimir Sidorenko] in 4 rounds.” Pacquiao said: “I salute you and hope that you continue what you do and follow my footsteps.”

That may not sound like much, but to Nonito Donaire those few words mean the world.

I have made it well known that I personally don’t believe Donaire will ever reach Pacquiao’s level of dominance, but I still wish him nothing but the best.

What do you guys think? Will Nonito Donaire ever reach Pacman’s level of fame in the sport of boxing?

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