Unbeaten boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., seen here, will fight Filipino star Manny Pacquiao after all, although it will be a legal dispute after a federal judge denied a motion to dismiss the case.  (AFP/Getty Images/File/Ethan Miller)


One very big issue for Floyd Mayweather that has hurt him deeply was that despite being the supporter of Barack Obama in his presidential campaign, it was the Filipino boxer who got the honor of meeting with the president.

Its strange that Manny gets to meet the President in personal attendance with pleasantries exchanged despite not being a head of state or in official capacity or even holding an important portfolio but it is also a reflection of how much President Obama values talented and hard working individuals.

Not much has been published about what could have been the possible agenda and what interactions too place in this meeting but in this article we shall try to imaginatively evaluate the possible points that they could or should have discussed in this meeting and why our undefeated champs should not take feel bad about this at all.

Cut man for the temple — health comes first for both men so this would have been a very helpful tip from Manny if he had advised President Obama about getting the right cutman even in a basketball game.

Could have saved a bit of an embarrassment and not become a worldwide news had this been discussed earlier.

However one thing is clear that after meeting Manny, the chances of getting cut on the temple for the President would be much lower as he would have certainly learnt a few moves to avoid the shots.

Naturally Floyd couldn’t have made this point because he hardly gets hit and would not be in a position to give proper pragmatic advise.

This was a purely professional meeting Floyd.

Not heart breaks please.

Strategies for getting the negotiators to come on the table — Just like Manny Pacquiao has been chasing a very important representative whose agreement could save millions of fans from fretting and possibly redefine boxing for the time to come, President Obama too has been chasing the Republicans to discuss very important issues such as the health care bill so that the economy could come out of the quagmire it is in.

It is a different point that the economy would not have been so bad had the republicans not messed it up in the first place.

The irony is laudable as the economic mess was the result of another loud mouth “Axis of Evil” quoting unbeaten champ’s strategies (who never lost a presidential election) and the state of boxing today too can be attributed to a loud mouth (hundreds of quotes) of another unbeaten champ.

It is obvious that both the men would have deliberated on how to get representatives of these people to sit across the table and get the work done.

Again a purely professional point to be discussed and Floyd would not have fit in.

Discussing the knockout punch — the job at hand for both the public figures too was very similar.

President Obama is still looking how to land the knockout punch in Iraq and Manny would also have been thinking on the same lines for his Margarito fight or for the May 7 fight with Sugar Shane Mosley.

Both men faced old, slow but highly sustainable combatants.

Mosley has never been knocked out and Iraq has fought wars over centuries and sustained the destruction.

Surprisingly both Mosley and Iraq have a realistic chance of scoring valuable points in these combats.

Floyd never fought an old boxer (he fought Mosley when Mosley was younger) and naturally would be less placed to advise the President on this issue.

So no disrespect was intended in this meeting.

Handling the media evaluation — both President Obama as well as Manny Pacquiao has been facing intense media scrutiny in the wake of allegations from people who hardly do any work.

Just as the republicans are ensuring that Obama fails.

By doing practically nothing to make the economy grow again and putting hurdles in every move, the Republicans are just like our dear Floyd, who too has been doing nothing for years now except trying to show Manny down and putting hurdles in his fight with Mosley.

The results too are similar as in the process the American economy is deteriorating fast much in the same way as the interest in Floyd Mayweather fights is fading fast.

Floyd may have been supporting Obama’s candidature but his actions are exactly same like the republicans in the American senate.

Naturally a meeting for Floyd with the President would have been an ethical mismatch and would just not fit in.

No need to protest dear “lil Floyd.”

High recognition — whilst President Obama has been a first in many ways, his Nobel Peace Prize is a feather in his crown just as Manny’s eight division championship is in the world of boxing.

Detractors would say Obama did nothing to deserve the prize in the same way as some say that Manny won because now the number of divisions has increased tremendously.

They both find themselves a bit confused at what happens next.

Do people realize that it was extreme hard work to reach the pinnacle where these men stand today.

For a man with a Kenyan father to rise through the political strata of the USA and reach the white house shows lots of intelligence, integrity, hard work and relentless effort in much the same way as it was for a ghetto boy to live through poverty and climb through the levels of Filipino and world boxing. Imagine the hardships faced by them on their way up, the nay sayers who would have advised them to stop and give up, the dirty tactics used by their competitors to put them down, the knockouts along the way and today they stand alone at a height that’s really cold with people only trying to find their shortcomings rather than appreciating their beauty and zest.

Floyd would not share this feeling because he is above criticism as “he is the best ever.”

Naturally the two men wanted to spend some time together to appreciate each other and console the lonely life at the top.

Did someone say that it takes greater courage to loose and come back again to win.

Floyd wouldn’t have fit in because he was simply born great unlike these two men who have worked out of their skins for years on the trot to reach where they have today.

Floyd would actually be ill placed for such a meeting.

Today American economy is in shambles just as boxing is.

Without a decent heavyweight to pull the ropes and unify the sport, boxing is in desperate need to get rid of the imposters who shout that they are the best much in the same manner as the Americans did with the republicans.

This is not about race, color, region or religion; this is purely about ability.

Would the American public ever realize how important a role President Obama is playing to clean up the mess made by the republicans?

Maybe not because true efforts almost always go unnoticed.

A simple introspection that would solve all the problems — why is China, India, Brazil, Indonesia doing better and why they are not facing the recession?

The answer would open the eyes for all the critics.

It is hard work — just plain hard work.

When a person expects to work less and get more in terms of earnings and facilities, the recession is just a corner away just as Floyd Mayweather will find out when he is demanding more for doing less.

Is this the American values that he has always mentioned as very close to his heart?

I am sure not — American people have worked hard in the past to become the global leaders.

Unfortunately the same is not happening today.

Other countries had started working hard at the time when America’s republican rulers only wanted to make wars.

Today the results are for the world to see.

Why are the jobs outsourced to other countries?

The answer is simple — someone else is willing to do the same job better and cheaper.

How do we create the jobs?

Back to the basics, as any wise person will advise you.

Work hard and the growth will be automatic.

Back to basics means, improve education and ensure the children work hard in school, develop seriousness in their character and make them responsible for the actions they take (why should the state pay for someone so careless not to take precaution and get pregnant), take up any type of job and excel in the same rather than waiting to get an excellent job and give a mediocre performance.

Saying is easy and putting it into practice is difficult.

The facts however will remain facts.

Wish Floyd Mayweather realizes this and starts to move his muscles soon because without hard work, it’s just recession looming ahead for him.

Unless he gets back into the ring and stops loitering around with people who are proud to be called 50 cents, he will find himself loosing the races more often than anyone else.

He may have missed out on one meeting with President this time but it is only a matter of time that he will miss the meeting with his destiny and legacy as a truly great boxer that he is unless he starts to move and works hard to make the fights that would define him for the generations to come.