Last month, the Department of Education (DOE) launched the NYC Schools account, a mobile-friendly online tool available in 10 languages, for parents to view critical information about their children.

As part of our ongoing dialogue with parents, we encouraged feedback about the account and the sign-up process.

We understand families are busy and we want to make it as convenient as possible for parents to access their children’s grades, attendance records and other important information so they can become more involved in their child’s education.

To make this process easier, we created a new online registration system for the NYC Schools account that does not require a parent to visit their child’s school.

Beginning on June 24, parents will be able to sign up for a NYC Schools account from any Internet-connected device and access their child’s secure data.

Schools will be sending letters home with clear instructions on how to sign up.

The letter will include an “Account Creation Code” unique to each child.

To register, parents will visit the secure site and enter the Account Creation Code, along with their child’s nine-digit student ID number, which can be found on report cards or obtained directly from the school.

Parents will then create the new account using their e-mail address and a password of their choosing.

Families will still have one account for all their children.

The process makes it easier for families to register while preserving the vital security protections already in place.

All data is encrypted and no outside entity has access to the system.

We encourage parents to get an NYC Schools account in whatever way works best for them — by registering online, visiting their child’s school to register, or by taking advantage of workshops the DOE will host over the summer to sign up.

Right now, families can use the account to see report card information, attendance records, student profiles and the contact information on file at the school.

State test scores for math, English Language Arts and Regents exams will be available after they are released this summer.

There is no deadline to sign up and parents can register at any time.

We will continue to gather feedback through the comment feature to improve the user experience.

City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said: “Parents are our partners and we are constantly soliciting feedback to best serve students. We listened to families and to best enable them to engage in their child’s academic career, we have made it even easier for parents to track data about their child using the NYC Schools account. We are meeting parents where they are — and in 10 languages — to foster deep and meaningful involvement.”