President Aquino with the last woman linked to him, Korean-born radio personality Grace Lee.


LOVE, like hope, springs eternal.

That has moved the country’s most eligible bachelor to say that he has not given up on marriage yet.

But any first lady in Benigno Aquino’s life will come after 2016, when his one-term presidency comes to a close.

Whoever is the lucky one must be marrying him for love.

She won’t be hosting parties as first lady nor will she be attending state dinners for visiting presidents or heads of state and sitting at the head table.

She will be a plain housekeeper to a socially-reclusive husband.

Early on in his now-ending presidency, some women have been rumored to be his love interest, among them a minor level politician who went on to march down the aisle with another man.

Was he brokenhearted when that happened?

If he was, he kept it close to his vest.

Other women were later linked to him romantically but none ended up in the altar.

Was he ill-starred in love, or just picky in choosing a soulmate?

Or is he the not-marrying type to begin with?

After all, he has spurned Cupid’s call as a prime catch when he was still a member of Congress, first as a congressman from Tarlac and later as a senator.

Besides, he is the only son of famous parents, who has raised four daughters who are all married, except for Kris, the youngest, who was in and out of wedlock.

In effect, he was branded a mama’s boy, not likely ever likely to tie the knot.

Talk about the President’s love life (or lack of it) has practically died down until he himself brought it up again when he was chosen as best man in the coming marriage of Sen. Chiz Escudero to Heart Evangelista.

“I’d rather be a best man than a sponsor,” he quipped and broadly hinted he might do the same in the future.

This will be the second time at the aisle for the Bicol senator who has two kids with ex-wife Christine Elizabeth “Tintin” Flores.

Their marriage hit the rocks and the pair went on separate ways.

Chiz and Heart were in New York for the Philippine Independence Day parade two years ago.

Will his remarriage hurt his soaring political future, including, but not limited to, being president someday?

Although he started with the opposition as a reformist congressman where he and PNoy became friends.

Chiz belonged to the so-called Spice Boys, a group of bright and rising politicians.

He was also among the frontrunners in the last two Senate elections.

But when PNoy became president, he gravitated to the fold of the administration.

But this doesn’t seem to hurt his reputation as a national figure, lending his reasoned logic on important pieces of legislation.

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