Pedro Castillo Celso speaks about the PNG fishing industry.

Special to the Filipino Reporter

Pedro Castillo Celso, originally of Hagonoy, Bulacan (now of Cebu and Australia), started from scratch in 1997 RD Tuna Canners, a Filipino-owned company, in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Celso, who was RD Tuna Managing Director since its inception in 1997, was responsible for the creation of PNG’s first and only integrated tuna fishing and canning operation.

Celso, who is also Chair of the PNG Fisheries Industry Association, has retired from RD Tuna recently.

He was, however, named to head the PNG lobby group abroad about the country’s fishing industry.

At the time of Celso’s retirement, RD Tuna employs 3,500 workers and makes an annual sales of $106 million.

Because of his invaluable contribution to the economy and fishing industry of PNG, Celso was awarded by the government of Papua New Guinea, a commonwealth of England to this day, “Honorary Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.”

The Award is “For service to commerce, particularly to manufacturing and employment.”

The Award was handed by PNG’s Governor General in a formal ceremony two weeks ago at the Governor General’s office in Port Moresby.

Pedro Castillo Celso with wife Evelyn.

Celso is married to Evelyn So Celso, a native of Cebu.

They have two grown-up children.

He had humble beginnings in his hometown of Hagonoy, Bulacan.

The Filipino Reporter learned that Celso had to work himself through college, doing construction work, until he finished to become a certified public accountant.

The couple owns and operates a newly-built hotel in Cebu City called Cebu Hotel Plus (

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