Victoria Nuland.  (AFP photo)

The USA is again accusing Russia of supplying combat helicopters to Syria.

This time State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland acted as a newsmaker.

She confirmed that a statement made by her chief Hillary Clinton earlier that Russian helicopters made up the backbone of the Syrian helicopter fleet and that Damascus was actively using them against civilians was true.

New attempts to accuse Russia of offering military support to the regime of Bashar al-Assad in waging a “war” against his own people, as those in Washington say, resemble a well orchestrated information campaign.

And the objective here is absolutely clear: to force Moscow to display more flexibility in the issue concerning the use of sanctions against the Syrian authorities.

As is known, Russia is consistent in its demands for the peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis that provides for halting violence in the country regarding all parties involved in the conflict, while Washington has a different opinion, believing Bashar Al-Assad should step down.

The position of Russia which is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, as it appears, causes irritation in the USA.

In an interview with the Voice of Russia, an expert on International Law, Oleg Khlestakov, said.

"A huge propaganda apparatus is being used by the Western countries in order to slander Assad’s government and overshadow Russia’s stand, so that this country would not be able to hamper the military invasion of Syria."

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has already commented on the statements made by Hillary Clinton about the helicopters and that Russia will lose its influence in the Middle East if it remains committed to its stand on Syria.

Lavrov said that Russia is acting in strict compliance with international standards while fulfilling the military contracts that were signed and paid forearlier.

Lavrov stressed that the weapons that Russia are supplying to Syria are not used against protesters and are meant for repulsing exterior aggression.

Meeting with the French President in Paris on June 1st, the Russian head of state said the same.

However, this does not fit in the scheme for putting pressure on Russia chosen by the USA.

Americans want Russia to follow their instructions.

There will be nothing of the kind, and Mrs. Clinton should be more careful while listening to her analysts.

In the morning she says that Russia supplies helicopters to Syria, and two hours later the State Department Spokesperson rejects this information.

The version that the U.S. authorities have a plan for influencing Russia is confirmed by a scandal around the Russian helicopters meant for Afghanistan that is currently brewing.

Some senators have again filed a demand to the Pentagon for breaking off a contract with Moscow for the supply of the MI-17 helicopters meant for the needs of the Afghan army.

And the reason for this was again the military-technical cooperation between Russia and Syria, which, as the senators say, leads to the death of ordinary civilians.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Defence Department continued buying military hardware, promising to carefully study the situation.

The above-mentioned accusation against Russia — meaning the supplies of combat helicopters to Syria is not the only one.

The USA accuses the Rosoboronexport Company of transferring certain technologies to Iran that, allegedly, could be used for the development of ballistic missiles.

Besides, the U.S. authorities voiced their concern to China in view of the reports about the supplies of the Chinese military hardware to North Korea as help in the implementation of its missile programme.

It seems that the State Department officials are absolutely sure that they can denounce all who do not share their views about the global security architecture.

Don’t forget that the USA supplies weapons to some countries in the Middlle East which are not used only for defence purposes.

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