NEW DELHI: After U.S. President Barack Obama Openly supported India’s bid for United Security Council Permanent Seat the geopolitics has started to react on this fur reaching move.

Earlier, the country to which Indian international diplomatic strategists consider the main obstacle in becoming the permanent member of UNSC has responded quickly and officially first time accepted the Indian bid with reference that it has now ready to consult on the issue with India.

Now, two countries one developing like India, Brazil and other Developed Japan have again asked about their claims to be the permanent part of future global governing body of United Nations.

Brazilian foreign minister Celso Amorim response to US’s backing to India Bid for UNSC said that, “It is very positive that President Obama mentioned India because that shows that he has an open mind in relation to developing countries."

"But apart from that, any reform of the United Nations can't be done with only one country," he said.

It is to mention that apart from India following countries are trying hard to be the permanent part of UNSC Brazil, Germany, Japan and South Africa.

The reforms in United Nations Security Council is a complex issue as all continents of the globe will have to be accommodated in future plan as now majority of Permanent members are from Europe.

But with every Bid there are counters as Germany is asking despite over flooded UNSC with Europeans, Japan and India from Asia, China does not want to them in.

In Africa with 53 countries in UN members list South Africa is Front Runner and One more to come out.

From North America, Brazil is opposed by Mexico and Argentina.

ABC Live Editor in Chief, Dinesh Singh Says: United States endorsement to India Bid for Permanent seat in UNSC is well planned US strategy to tap its interests in Asia  by fuming the race which is not easy to start yet and if will start that would have photo finish   end.

With, us this move the geopolitics in Asia (China, Japan and Pakistan) will hot up that will give US chance to fulfill its business as well as strategic interests in this part of globe.

The direct evidence to US design has come out in a TV interview of US ambassador to India Tim Roemer after President Obama’s India Visit, in which he admitted that US backing for India bid for UNSC permanent seat has fumed other aspirants and would have impact on geo politics.

Further, Dinesh Singh Shared that, US backing to India UNSC seat will have dividing factor in many International pressure groups like BASIC where US Backing will have reverse effect.

Never the less, Situations are perfect for India having many options to bargain its National interests in Asia with China and Global Interests with US, but utilize to the optimum India should have less vocal and more focal Geo politics strategists, which at present its lacks.

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