Why does Sen. Lamar Alexander approve and speak highly of the START treaty?

Primarily, he voted to ratify the new START Treaty between the U.S. and Russia because America will be left with a truckload of nuclear weapons that can be used against the so called war against terrorism.

Then again, President Barack Obama has also committed to the $85 billion plan to make sure that those weapons of mass destruction get to see the light of the day, so the plan is supposed to be work in all cases.

Another reason due to which the senator voted in favor of the treaty is because it’ll allow the U.S. Government to inspect the Russian warheads.

There were six Republican secretaries of state, who’re supporting the START treaty, which is more than enough to convince common American citizens that the country is a safe place for all.

Last week, Sen. Lamar Alexander contacted the President through a letter that was cosigned by two other senators.

The letter stated an immediate call to action regarding votes to ratify the treaty and to appropriate funds to modernize the outdated nuclear weapon programs.

Looks like the government needs to see a shrink, rather than focusing on the weapons program.

This set of actions can be regarded as an intense feeling of insecurity in psychological terms.

According to Sen. Lamar, the nuclear weapon facilities at Y-12 National Nuclear Complex, have already been visited and an adequate set of updated instructions have been released.

The new implementations include spending $3.6 billion for a new secured area at Oak Ridge, covering 15 acres instead of the current 150.

It means tearing down the last 17 Cold War buildings.

The more efficient facility will save taxpayers $200 million each year in operation costs.

Finally, the plan commits $1 billion for Energy Department pension funds, a great help to the 7,000 Tennesseans who work at Oak Ridge.

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