DAGUPAN CITY — Bring your hands in front of you. Count your fingers.

Do same to your two feet. Count your toes. Twenty fingers and toes?

A six-month-old baby girl in Sta. Barbara in Pangasinan province has 25.

The parents of Baby Ria, Ricky and Emma Anacta, see their child as a lucky charm.

She was born with 13 toes and 12 fingers.

Her parents said they did not immediately notice her uniqueness.

Baby’s Ria’s mother said she craved for bananas while she was conceiving her baby. “Pinaglihi ko sa saging,” she said.

The father, meanwhile, was thinking that the couple will have twins.

He never thought that their baby will have extra fingers and toes.

Baby Ria has yet to be examined by a specialist, as her parents are only farmers.

Dr. Zaldy Guico, a pediatrician at the Region 1 Medical Center in Dagupan, described the baby’s condition as polyductily.

The baby is healthy aside from having extra fingers and toes.

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