LOS ANGELES — United States First Lady Michelle Obama (photo above) has named five new “Preserve America Communities,” including Historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles, California.

Aside from Filipino town, four areas in New York were named Preserve America communities, bringing the total nationwide to 872, a news release of the Preserve America website.

The newly designated communities include:

• Historic Filipinotown (Los Angeles, California)

• Auburn (New York)

• Brookhaven (New York)

• Kinderhook  (New York), and

• Ogdensburg (New York).

According to its website, Preserve America is a federal initiative that encourages community efforts to preserve cultural and natural heritage.

It designates communities that protect and celebrate their heritage, use their historic assets for economic development, and encourage people to appreciate local historic resources through education and heritage tourism programs.

“Preserve America Communities are committed to preserving their past by using their heritage to build a better future,” said Wayne Donaldson, chairman of the federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP).

“It is good news for the nation when communities demonstrate that they want to enjoy and share the economic, educational, environmental and sustainability benefits preservation provides, while creating more vibrant and desirable places to live, work and visit,” he said.

Historic Filipinotown is a newly created district in the southwest portion of Echo Park, Los Angeles, California.

It was created by a resolution proposed by City Council member Eric Garcetti on Aug. 2, 2002.


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