Re-electionist Mayor Steven Fulop of Jersey City (above in a Filipino Reporter file photo) thanked the Filipino Reporter for its editorial endorsing him and the entire Team Steven Fulop in the city’s local elections on Nov. 7, 2017.

The Fulop ticket includes incumbent Council-at-Large Fil-Am Rolando Lavarro, Jr.

The Mayor also expressed his thanks to the Filipino community for its “support throughout his term.”

Here is a section of Mayor Fulop’s e-mail blast to Jersey City constituents today (Oct. 27, 2017):

This week we are excited to have received more important endorsements from organizations that have made a difference on the national, statewide and local level.

I am proud to have the support of these incredible organizations, and I know that together we will continue to move Jersey City forward.

As a veteran, our endorsement from VoteVets is particularly important to me, and I am proud to continue to support veterans throughout Jersey City.

During the past four years, we have built housing to help solve veteran homelessness, re-started a Veteran’s Day Parade to honor our veteran residents, and have helped raise tens of thousands of private dollars to renovate the Jersey City VFW post.

Read more about our endorsement from VoteVets here:

The League of Humane Voters serves as the premier organization advocating for animal protection policies, and I am proud to have been endorsed by a group that serves such an important purpose.

In Jersey City, we have created a healthier pets program that offers discounts to local vets, provided free rabies and distemper shots at events throughout the city, increased the Liberty Humane budget to encompass 24/7 Animal Control & sheltering, and have been a vocal advocate for statewide bans on animal use in visiting circuses.

Read more about our endorsement from the League of Humane Voters here:

I am proud to have received an endorsement from the Filipino Reporter, and I have been thankful for the support from the Filipino community throughout my term as Mayor.

Jersey City is the most diverse city in the nation, and I look forward to continuing to build relationships with our diverse communities, as well as encouraging the growth of cultural groups and organizations.

Read more about our endorsement from the Filipino Reporter here:


Filipino-American supporters of Team Fulop at PulongBayan on Oct. 24, 2017

Filipino-American supporters of Team Fulop four years ago

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