Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop (right) and Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr.  (Filipino Reporter file photo by Manny Caballero)

Dear Editor,


This coming Jersey City mayoral election will be a question of the accomplishments of Mayor Steven Fulop versus the promises of the opponent.

Being a registered voter in Jersey City, I do not have to look far for the accomplishments of Mayor Fulop, together with Council President Rolando Lavarro, Jr. and his team abound as the progress in Jersey City showcase the Fulop team’s commitment to no tax increase;

community service program of volunteers who help seniors in shoveling snow;

bringing in more businesses (unlike other major American cities where top franchises closed shop for the economic environment in such municipalities don’t offer incentives resulting in lack of job opportunities);

as a Sanctuary City that acknowledges the invaluable contributions of non-immigrants to the city in particular and to the nation in general as epitomized by the Statue of Liberty;

building an annex City Hall at the MLK hub that will balance the governmental outreach, as well as spur job/business development in that part of the city that no other administration has done;

recruitment of more police officers to safeguard the populace;

other concrete accomplishments as parks, recreation places that the opponent has nothing to show but only pages of blueprints and mere promises.

What I consider the most important accomplishment of Mayor Fulop, Council President Lavarro and his entire team is the affordable housing program from downtown to other wards of the city.

As a cancer survivor (through miracle healing with only profound faith in God and organic diet) with osteoarthritis and on a fixed income as a retiree and lots of medical expenses, under these circumstances it would be hard for me to find a suitable residence.

However, after researching, I learned about the new affordable housing mandate of 20/80 and applied for affordable apartments.

Recently, was contacted and entered the lottery.

Lo and behold, my number was called and went through the official process of interviews, background checks and finally, after a year of waiting I was told that I passed the interviews and was offered an apartment.

Praise the Lord for the blessing as I can spend the last years of my life in my beloved Jersey City where I have lived for more than 30 years.

Jersey City voters...Vote for the Fulop Team who will continue the development of Jersey City as a world class city that attends to the needs and concerns of its diverse population.

God bless.


1985 Jersey Journal
Woman of Achievement

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